Dental Extractions In Westfield

What Are Dental Extractions?

Dental extractions are the best option for eliminating pain and preventing further dental complications due to severely-damaged teeth. For example, if you have an infected tooth that’s severely damaged, it may not be possible to save it with a root canal, and an extraction may be recommended instead. At Harmony Dentistry, Dr. Jessica Barton and our team offer gentle, pain-free dental extractions in Westfield. Contact us now to learn more, and find out if dental extractions are right for you.

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About 13% of people between the ages of 65-74 have lost all of their teeth, and at age 75, this increases to about 26% of people.

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The Dental Extraction Process

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Preparing the site

To begin the process, Dr. Barton will clean and numb your mouth. We also offer sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable at Harmony Dentistry. With sedation, it’s easier to get through your appointment without anxiety, fear, or discomfort.

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Tooth loosening and extraction

Once the treatment area is numb, Dr. Barton will use a tool called a dental elevator to loosen your tooth in the socket. Then, once the tooth’s connection to your mouth is loose enough, she will grasp the tooth and pull it out with a pair of dental forceps.

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Cleaning and suturing

Finally, Dr. Barton will clean up, disinfect, and suture the treatment area to protect it and ensure proper healing. Then, she will repeat this process if you’re having multiple teeth extracted.

Types Of Extractions We Offer

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Basic Extractions

Basic extractions are the simplest type of extraction, and follow the process outlined above. They're usually used to remove teeth that are severely damaged, and cannot be restored with an alternative treatment. For example, if you break a tooth due to a slip and fall or some other type of oral trauma, it may not always be possible to save it with a crown, and it may require extraction.

However, dental extractions are always our last resort option at Harmony Dentistry. Our goal is to protect and restore your natural teeth whenever possible, and Dr. Barton will only recommend an extraction if she truly believes it is necessary.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom teeth are a natural part of our mouths, but they emerge much later than our other teeth, usually between the ages of 17-25. Because they come in so much later, the wisdom teeth can cause lots of oral health issues, like an increased risk of gum infections, tooth decay, jaw pain, and more.

If you don't have space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth, they may need to be extracted. However, not everyone needs wisdom teeth extractions. Some people can keep their wisdom teeth without any issues. Wondering if you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted in Westfield, IN? The best way to find out is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Barton at Harmony Dentistry.

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Dr. Barton will clean up, disinfect, and suture the treatment area to protect it.

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Does Insurance Cover Dental Extractions?

Yes. Dental extractions are typically considered to be a “medically necessary” treatment. This means that dental insurance policies will cover the cost of extractions up to all applicable policy limits. Coverage varies depending on your policy, of course, so we recommend consulting your policy documents or getting in touch with your dental insurance company for more details.

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To begin the process, Dr. Barton will clean and numb your mouth.

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