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What Is a Cosmetic Makeover?

While some patients may only have one particular issue with their smile, others have multiple aesthetic issues with the appearance of their teeth and wish they could address these problems with a more tailored and comprehensive approach, which is where cosmetic makeovers come into play. 

Rather than treating individual cosmetic problems, a cosmetic makeover assesses your overall aesthetic smile imperfections and seeks to correct them all with multiple cosmetic treatments that are customized to meet your specific cosmetic goals. 

Any number and combination of cosmetic and restorative treatments can be used to achieve your smile transformation and this will be determined by your goals, preferences, budget, and schedule. Contact us at Harmony Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

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Veneers are one of the longest-lasting cosmetic treatments, with a lifespan of up to 15 years.

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The Cosmetic Makeover Process

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Dr. Barton will examine your teeth to rule out oral health problems and determine if you’re a good candidate for certain cosmetic treatments.

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Treatment Plan

After having an open and honest conversation, Dr. Barton will formulate a treatment plan that will correct all of the cosmetic problems you have with your teeth with as few and as minimally invasive treatments as possible.

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Exploring Your Options

We will review your treatment plan together and explore your other options for treatment. Multiple cosmetic treatments can correct the same problem in different ways. You have the ultimate say in what treatments you want to pursue. 

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Pain Relief & Sedation Options

Whenever any invasive tools like dental drills are being used, we will always administer local anesthetic. If you would also prefer to be sedated, we offer laughing gas and oral conscious sedation.

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Scheduling & Payment

Once you have approved your treatment plan, we can begin scheduling your appointments and collecting payment. We will provide you with any necessary instructions on how to prepare for your treatment.

Benefits of Cosmetic Makeovers

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Correct Discoloration

Most of us regularly consume staining foods and drinks which cause discoloration to our teeth over time. While practicing good oral hygiene and getting our teeth professionally cleaned can remove surface stains, it’s not always enough to remove years of severe deep intrinsic stains. This is where teeth whitening, dental bonding, and veneers come in to correct the discoloration by lightening the enamel or covering it with a brighter tooth-colored material. 

Repair Tooth Damage

Whether you grind your teeth or eat a diet high in sugar and acidity, these habits can lead to enamel erosion that thins your enamel. We can cover up eroded enamel as well as chips and cracks by rebuilding or covering the teeth with special dental materials that look just like your real teeth.

Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth restorations such as dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures replace missing teeth to restore the structure and functionality of your teeth but it’s also important for the aesthetics of your smile. 

If you have large gaps in your teeth that are left unfilled, it can leave you feeling insecure about your smile and it can also cause your other teeth to shift, leading to orthodontic problems.

Correct Minor Orthodontic Problems

Did you know that we can correct minor orthodontic issues such as gaps and crooked teeth without orthodontic treatment? Certain cosmetic treatments can hide this problem by covering them with straight and evenly spaced tooth-colored shells or resin.

Transform Tooth Size & Shape

Maybe you don’t have any overt problems with your teeth such as damage, misalignment, or discoloration, but you’re generally unhappy with the way they look. If you want to make your teeth larger, longer, more square, or change anything about their shape and size, we can transform the aesthetic of your teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are a crucial part of preventive oral health care routines. By catching oral cancer early before it spreads, can save a patient’s life. That’s why we always check for any potential signs of oral cancer at every bi-annual checkup.

Your dentist will examine your mouth, gums, and other oral tissues, keeping an eye out for lesions, lumps, discolored patches, and other abnormalities. If anything looks unusual, a biopsy can be taken and sent to a specialist for further analysis. Oral cancer is rare, but it’s important to be proactive and stay consistent with your oral healthcare routine, so your dentist can easily identify when something is wrong.

Night Guards

Grinding and clenching while sleeping is quite common. Night guards can be a great solution for this subconscious clenching. Night guards form a  soft barrier to protect your teeth from the wear and tear that is caused by clenching and grinding. Your dentist will take an impression or scan your teeth to create your custom night guard. The impression or scan will be sent to a dental lab where your night guard will be made. The night guard eases the tension between your jaw muscles and alleviates the painful side effects of clenching and grinding, so you can enjoy restful sleep.

Sport Guards

Similar to night guards, sports mouth guards are worn over the teeth. However sports guards protect your teeth from dental trauma that can occur when playing high-intensity impact sports. Professionally fitted sports guards can protect athletes from oral injury due to impact to the mouth, face, and head. If you play football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, mountain biking, or other activities that may involve falls, body contact, or flying objects, ask your dentist about developing your custom sports guard today! They are comfortable, durable, and won’t restrict you from doing what you love.

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Teeth whitening lasts for 6 months to 3 years.

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How Much Does a Cosmetic Makeover Cost?

It’s impossible to say what a cosmetic makeover would cost without taking many different factors into account, including:
-The number of cosmetic procedures
-The length of your treatment
-How many teeth are being treated
-The complexity of your treatment
-The cost of the materials and technology involved
We can give you an accurate assessment of the cost of your treatment during your consultation.

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Which Cosmetic and Restorative Treatments Will I Need?

This entirely depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you want to improve discoloration and repair chips and cracks in your teeth, this can be done in a few different ways. We could cover the damage and discoloration with a tooth-colored resin known as dental bonding or we can bond veneers to your teeth. 

You could also get your teeth whitened and then cover specific teeth that are damaged either with bonding, veneers, or dental crowns. After assessing the aesthetic problems with your teeth, Dr. Barton will make recommendations and present you with all of your options. You will be able to provide feedback and let him know what you’re most comfortable with.

Are Cosmetic Makeovers Covered By Insurance?

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Cosmetic dentistry is generally not covered by dental insurance because cosmetic procedures are considered purely elective and not medically necessary. However, if you are getting certain restorative procedures as part of your cosmetic makeover which is necessary to improve the function and health of your teeth then your insurance may cover these specific treatments. Contact your insurance provider to find out what they cover.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Cosmetic Makeover? 

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If you are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of your teeth but have multiple issues that need to be addressed then a cosmetic makeover is a great option for you. You just need to be in good oral health with no serious dental issues like severe tooth damage or gum disease.

Did you know…

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You should avoid staining foods and drinks to prevent discoloration of your teeth and dental restorations.

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