How To Find The Best Dentist Near You

Most people know that typing "dentist near me" in any search engine will reveal a lot of local practices that can help them reach their oral health goals.

But finding a good dentist near you requires more than a list. It’s important to take into account a few key factors to make the best decision for you.

Here are five things that can help you find the best dentist near you:


Ask a Friend or Family Member

See if anyone close to you knows a good dentist in your area. When you ask a friend, you get the opportunity to assess how the dentist operates, treats their patients, and other things that are important to you.

A friend or family member will answer all your questions honestly and help you get the full picture of a practice. While you shouldn’t make a decision solely based on a recommendation, it will certainly help you make a shortlist!

Look at Online Reviews

See what previous or returning patients have to say about a dental practice or even the dentist.

It’s perfectly normal for some of the reviews to be less than stellar. But if you come across a practice that only has 1-star reviews, you might need to keep looking.

Check Their Training and Specialties

Not all dentists have the same training and specialties. Think of your specific dental needs and use them when looking for a new practice.

For example, if you have kids, you might want a practice where your entire family can restore their oral health. Not all dentists have experience treating children, so definitely check before approaching them.

Or, do you suffer from sleep apnea or TMJ? Some dentists can help you manage these conditions – you just have to look for them.

Look at the Before and After Photos

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Apart from restoring oral health, many of these procedures should also help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Look at the dentist’s before and after photos to see if they truly help people get stunning smiles. Some may offer these photos on their websites, but you can probably find more in online reviews as well.

Check Patient Incentives

Dental practices may offer additional perks to returning patients.

These incentives can be anything from patient education to membership plans that can help you and your family save money on your dental treatment.


How Harmony Dentistry Can Help

Dr. Jessica Barton is an experienced and compassionate dentist who helps families in Westfield, Indiana, get happy and healthy smiles.

Our practice offers a wide array of dental services that can restore your oral health, reduce the risk of cavities, and even give you a stunning and picture-perfect smile.

Schedule a consultation at Harmony Dentistry online or call us at (317) 399-1208.

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